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There’s nothing better than the sparkle of a freshly-detailed vehicle. Whether you need a quick wash or a complete detailing from bumper to bumper, the experts at Premier Collision Center have got what it takes to restore the shine to your car, truck, or SUV.

Premier Collision Center might sound like a place more focused on auto repair than on auto detailing, but don't judge a book by its cover (or a service center by its name)! Here at Premier, we understand that auto detailing is more than a simple wash and dry. It is restoring your vehicle to like-new condition. It is removing the coffee stains, cleaning off the road salt, and offering protection to last another year or more. Let us give your vehicle the detail it deserves.

 $16.99 CAR $59.99 SUV/LT. $69.99HEAVY $79.99
 Exterior Hand Wash  Exterior Hand Wash
Acidize Wheels Acidize Wheels
 Chamois   Chamois
Spray Rubber Mats
Exterior/Interior Windows
Vacuum Floor/Seats
Wipe Interior

Clean = Comfort

There are hundreds of thousands of sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, and other vehicles out on Canadian roadways that need a good detailing. With such frequent use, it is easy to focus on mechanical care without giving a thought to the rest of the vehicle. In Moose Jaw, Premier Collision Center is the right choice for anyone looking for auto detailing. We understand what vehicles, and their drivers, want and need.

Detailing helps to preserve your vehicle's original equipment through cleaning, washing, and waxing it. There is no vehicle that we cannot clean. Let us increase your comfort and daily driving luxury by detailing one of your most important assets. We remove the dirt and grime that has settled over the years and treat all surfaces with specialized products to clean, remove odors, and maintain quality.

Paint Protection

Premier Collision Center offers professional paint protection and window tinting. Automotive paint protection preserves the quality of your vehicle paint by reducing the risk of multiple types of damage. When applied to the painted surfaces, paint protection acts as a transparent and unnoticeable protective layer against scratches, stains, salt corrosion, oxidation, water spots, from loading and unloading packages, and other environmental elements.

Automotive window tinting is the process of applying a layer of film to the inside of a car’s window to help improve its aesthetic value and to reduce the sun’s impact on a vehicle’s interior and occupants. Tinted windows help prevent your vehicle’s interior from fading. Premier Collision Center has the right tools to carefully apply the desired tint or film to your auto glass. If you have any questions prior to arriving or while we are working, please let us know. If you are considering having your windows tinted let our staff know and we will get to work protecting your vehicle with a new window tint or film.

Paint Protection

XPEL Ultimate™ paint protection film is a virtually invisible film applied to high-impact areas that helps prevent unsightly chips and scratches. Protect your vehicle against rocks, oils, bird droppings, bug acids, gravel, salt, tree sap and magnesium chloride. Protect just one part of your vehicle or protect it all - the choice is yours! Let our advisors know and we can build the right package to suit your needs.

Package Benefits:

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Clearest Protection
  • Self-Healing
  • Stain Resistant
  • Discoloration Resistant
  • Computer Cut Kits
  • Tailored to Fit Your Vehicle
  • Boost Trade-In Value
  • Matches Paint Gloss
  • Wash & Wax as Normal
  • No Special Care Required
  • Protective Clear Coat

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